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    We provide language services to several colleges, universities, and school systems nationwide.
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Online ASL Classes

Online ASL ClassesLearn American Sign Language online. Offering ongoing Beginner ASL 1 and 2 courses, and drop-in classes where you can join us for one hour and learn some signs in a themed ASL class. Topics include seasonal signs, signing with your babies and toddlers, sports signs, and ASL idioms.

Foreign Languages

TranslationNot simply a cut-and-paste matter. We know that document translation requires intricate cultural knowledge in order to convey the right messages. Our language experience includes but is not limited to: on-site interpreting, over-the-telephone interpreting, and document translations.


Online ASL ClassesInnovative communications experts. Whether you need consulting, training, or a workshop series on any communications topic of your choosing or simply a personal consultation, our array of options makes communication simple for you. Areas of focus include language assessments.

Sign Language

Sign Language InterpretingOn-site and remote interpreting. Our certified interpreters are members of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID), or the National Association of the Deaf (NAD). We offer interpreting services on-site across the United States, or remotely through our ClickVRI (Video Remote Interpreting) service.


TranscriptionSpeech to text services. Be it verbatim, meaning-for-meaning, or simply an outline of notes, our captioners and transcribers provide a wide range of speech-to-text services. Our services can be used on-site or remotely. Ask us about CART, C-Print, TypeWell, or note-taking. We can develop a customized solution for you. 


Multimedia ServicesBe seen and heard. After you produce a video, send it to us and we will make the text look any way you want with your choice of font and color with total customization for you and your audience. We can even add voiceovers, signovers, or translate content for you. The possibilities are endless!

Personalized communications strategies

Communications Consulting Group, LLC (CC Group) offers a wide range of services to accommodate the total spectrum of communication methods. CC Group’s services are used by individuals and companies who believe in communication made simple. We continue to create innovative opportunities for people through accessibility.

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Classes, workshops, and trainings

CC Group provides a number of workshops, seminars and trainings for both interpreters and businesses that work with languages and accessibility. We also provide customized workshops to fit the needs of individual companies.

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